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 CoLabs  is the development consultancy arm of Collective Planning that was established to meet the growing demand from clients for our expertise and experience of how to take the most innovative development ideas from inception to delivery.

CoLabs is a refreshingly creative, dynamic and forward-thinking development consultancy service that is advising some of the most exciting property start-ups who are pioneering new expressions of live, work and play. It exists to incubate these concepts through to fruition, helping clients navigate the complex planning and development process in the UK.  

CoLabs is currently advising on a wide variety of emerging development typologies including various forms of co-living, floating hotels, meanwhile uses of sites, specialist co-working models, niche cultural/night time uses, modular housing, an arts inspired hotel and many more.

CoLabs offers the following services:  

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Advice and preparation of appropriate material for pitches, presentations and applications

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Organisation of visits to other London/ European examples of innovative live, work and play schemes

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Project management of consultant teams

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Advice on branding and messaging

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Advice on concept and design

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Advice on planning and development context for new and emerging development models

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Advice on strategy to advance concepts to credible products that can attract funding

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Advice on the political landscape for development ideas, and organisation of meetings with key players

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Advice on the most preferable locations and boroughs to test the concept

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Introductions to key stakeholders, political players and useful contacts

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Client representation at key funder, political or public meetings

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Devising strategies to scale the product


 pioneering new expressions of live

 work and play in the built environment